Managed Print Services

Offtech Managed Print Service (MPS) The Offtech Managed Print Service (MPS) addresses a problem that is found in most businesses today. Organisations typically have too many copiers and printers, which are printing too few pages and yet new devices continue to be acquired. Companies can seldom see the true costs of producing documents in the office as items are frequently expensed in different ways, equipment and consumables in particular. With no central ownership or management, the total costs of producing documents in the office are uncontrolled and unknown. As a result, indirect and direct costs are normally much higher than they need to be.

What is MPS?

A Managed Print Service is where the in-house management of copying and printing is relinquished to a managed print service provider to work with you to achieve certain objectives whilst allowing you to maintain focus on your core business.

The management of internal printers and photocopiers is often chaotic and many different departments may become involved in the day to day management of devices. The ordering of consumables and support is often fragmented leading to confusion and poor visibility of the costs of internal print management.

Why outsource print and copy services?

Organisations often have little understanding of the costs incurred managing print services in house and don’t appreciate the time burden on key staff.

  • Reduced print and copy costs. Moving to an outsourced solution can trim print related costs by up to 30%.
  • Keep the devices you have today as needed. Helping to minimise capital expenditure. Optimise your existing print environment over time to reduce the impact of change on your organisation.
  • Increased productivity. The Offtech account team will ensure that your devices stay up to date and that your employees have the new features they need to stay productive and competitive.
  • Save resources. More efficient management can reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of consumables such as ink or toner, and cut down on waste.
  • Refocus IT on more critical business tasks. IT support staff typically spend significantly time in installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.

Improve cost controls

Offtech can help you streamline your company’s print operations and reduce print and copy expenditures.

  • A single, predictable monthly bill for all your output device fleet. Makes it easier to manage costs and to convert all or part of your output device fleet, no matter what the make of device, be it owned or leased, to one single invoice.
  • Single point of contact. One contact for all equipment, supplies, service, invoicing and reporting provides visibility of all your print & copy activity and removes the inefficiency of dealing with multiple contacts.
  • Enhanced employee productivity. Eliminate the need for time – consuming processes such as meter readings, placing and chasing service calls and supplies ordering. Employees can concentrate on their work instead of managing the printer or copier.

Offtech Managed Print Service:

  • Highly trained managed print solutions experts. They will help you maximise your return on your document production investment.
  • Fast maintenance and repairs. Thanks to proactive monitoring tools, our experts can predict and resolve potential issues before they become problems.
  • The right supplies at the right time. Our automated ordering systems ensure that you never run out of ink or toner.

You’re in Control

By moving output device management to a single, central process, it’s easy to expand and add capabilities as your business need change. Only make use of the services you need now and add more as your business grows.



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