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What is a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers deliver a host of features not offered by conventional printing machines. As well as having the ability to print, they can also be used for scanning, photocopying and faxing. Although these machines were originally designed with domestic use in mind, they have become much bigger and more powerful over the years. This means they are now ideal for use in commercial environments such as offices. Today’s multifunction printing machines are tougher and more dependable than they have ever been. They can help you carry out a wide range of office tasks with ease, with more and more companies experiencing the benefits of multifunction printers all the time.


How does a Multifunction Printer help my business?

A multifunction printer can benefit your business in a whole host of ways. As you will be using a single machine to carry out a range of duties rather than several, you will be able to make valuable space savings. It’s also much cheaper to buy a multifunction printer than to purchase several machines to complete these duties. No matter whether you’re running a small enterprise or a better-known, larger business, a multifunction printer can bring multiple benefits to your company or organisation. More and more companies are feeling the benefits of investing in multifunction printers all the time. If you wish to learn more about how a multifunction printer can support your business, make it more efficient and create space, simply get in touch with us as soon as you can. A multifunction printer can take up around a fourth of the space as several separate machines.


Type of Multifunction Printer

There are many different options available to you when it comes to multifunction printers. Not all multifunction printers are the same, and the machine that you should opt for many depends on how robust you need your system to be and how many pages you need to print or scan every minute. Colour and black-and-white MFPs are available, and you can also buy machines that print but don’t offer scanning capabilities if you wish. Most of the MFPs on the market can print, scan, photocopy and fax, with growing numbers of these systems using laser-print technology. Inkjet printers are often ideal for smaller businesses with more modest requirements.

All-in-one MFPs are normally small desktop units that have been designed with home and home office users in mind. Many of these models come with print, scan and copy functionality but do not offer fax services. Even the most basic MFPs on the market today now tend to offer Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity.

SOHO MFPs are larger units which are perfect for small offices. SOHO stands for ‘small office home office’. Some SOHO MFPs include features such as document storage and retrieval as well as authentication features. Office MFPs are normally bigger and more powerful than the models we have already mentioned and come complete with features such as networked document storage, authentication via network user credentials, encryption and compatibility with bespoke software. Other common features include booklet creation, stapling, hole-punching and duplexing. Almost all of these machines are networked. Production printing MFPs are highly regarded for their finishing quality and are normally able to offer features including hot glue binding.



Most MFPs are able to scan, print, fax and copy. MFPs have also become more energy-efficient over the years, consuming less power whilst offering greater efficiency. If you are looking for the best MFP for your needs, it’s a good idea to talk to a specialist and explain what your needs are so they can help you identify a suitable machine. As you will only need a single power cord to power up the whole device, you can cut down on cable congestion as well as power use. The reduction in power consumption can help you reduce your office running costs considerably. New MFP features are constantly in development, and it’s now possible to achieve things that would have seemed hugely ambitious a few years ago.

Cost of a MFP?

The price that you will pay for an MFP is largely determined by what your needs are. Although it’s unnecessary to buy something bigger and more powerful than you need, it’s wise to think about your requirements are likely to be a few years down the line. In any case, purchasing an MFP is so much cheaper than buying a scanner, fax machine, copier and printer individually. If you are seeking ways to save money, time and space, an MFP may well be the ideal solution.

Saving for My Business

An MFP can make office life so much simpler, reducing stress and making your business so much efficient. MFPs are highly regarded for the convenience that they offer and can deliver a vast reduction in your energy bills. If you are concerned about energy waste and are currently operating separate scanners, fax machines, photocopiers and printers, it makes perfect sense to opt for a solution that offers all these capabilities. Another big benefit of buying an MFP is that it can offer features you didn’t know you needed or only require from time-to-time, such as sending and receiving faxes. Although faxing isn’t as common as it once was, you never know when you will need to communicate in this manner. Rather than buying a costly separate fax machine, simply purchase a versatile machine that can provide this feature when it is needed. Many MFP owners also appreciate the ability to scan something then print a copy of it off without moving between different machines.
The benefits don’t end there. As you would expect, it’s much less costly and time-consuming to maintain one machine rather than multiple separate ones. If you only have limited office space, it may be highly impractical to store up to four separate machines when you can simply opt for a single multifunction device.


Trusted Brands

The best way to ensure you are happy with the MFP that you purchase is to buy one from a trusted manufacturer. We offer a wide range of multifunction printers from a range of leading manufacturers, including some of the most sought-after models on the market. Of course, what’s right for one of our clients isn’t always the best match for another, so we always aim to listen very closely to what you have to say and examine your requirements carefully so we can match you up with a suitable solution that will serve you well for years.


Managed Print Service

Managed print services are used by companies from a wide range of industries. They can help you save more than a quarter on your printing costs, enabling you to save a great deal of time in the process. When you use a managed print service, you gain a valuable insight into your printing activities and can access valuable data and advice designed to help you print less, consume less power and cut down on paper waste. Managed print services can also help you make your scanning and copying activities more cost-effective. When you opt for the right managed print service, you can cut print device, ink and paper costs and hand over the management of your devices to a highly-experienced specialist who will service your printers, replenish your resources and measure your usage. They will analyse your print requirements to help you get the best value for money and make your budget go further, help you replace older, costlier devices and help you consolidate your resources. Supply delivery can be automated as part of your managed print service, ensuring you never run out of the resources that you need. A managed print service specialist can also advise you on the right positioning strategy for your printers, making them easily accessible for as many employees as possible and helping you distribute your devices effectively.

Advantages of Multifunction Printer

There are so many great reasons for investing in multifunction printers. Rather than purchasing a host of printers, scanners and fax machines, you only need to buy one MFP for each floor or department. Your MFP can help you save a great deal of space, which can be freed up for various other purposes. Clutter can have a considerable impact on the efficiency of your business, so it makes perfect sense to reduce this as much as you possibly can. Another great reason for sourcing MFPs from a trusted supplier is that these machines tend to perform their duties at a highly impressive speed, ensuring business-critical activities can be completed in no time at all. Today’s MFPs can operate at much faster speeds than the systems they are purchased to replace, often printing documents, sending faxes, copying and scanning at the same time.
We are eager to hear from you right now if you are ready to find the perfect multifunction printer for your specific needs. No matter what your requirements are, we are confident we can help you identify something that suits your requirements down to the ground.


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