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Offtech provide a complete office fitout service including office furniture, IT equipment and a range of officce equipment. 

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Office Fit-outs

For over 30 years, Offtech have specialised in designing office interiors that are as beautiful as they are functional. From planning and designing the layout down to the supply and fitting of office storage, furniture and equipment, we can take care of everything you need.

We believe in creating working spaces designed to boost productivity, promote staff well-being and reduce fatigue. Next to our homes, we spend most of our time at work and it is critical that this space is somewhere your staff will love to work.

Whether your dream office is a cosy working environment for a few employees or a larger scale, corporate setting, our expertise will guide you in choosing just the right fitout for your needs.

Attention to detail is the difference between an office fitout that simply provides for basic needs and one that guarantees long-lasting comfort, happiness and productivity through your working day and beyond.

In business, first impressions count. Your office is the first experience of your business that a visiting new client will have. We will help you to make it an amazing one!


Office Storage

Functionality is a crucially important aspect of any office and the right kind of storage makes a huge difference. Making the most of your space means clever, functional and beautiful storage solutions.

Storage not only reduces clutter across the working environment but also maximises productivity. Beautifully designed and fitted filing cabinets, bookcases, lockers and cupboards allow your staff to organise and store important documents and supplies in an effective and efficient way. No more wasted time trying to locate missing papers!

We have a complete range of perfect storage solutions for you to choose from – either as part of an office layout design or as a standalone purchase.

The need for storage tends to grow over time and our expert team will help you to ‘future-proof’ your plans. Talk to us about your current and potential future needs and we will bring our expertise to bear on finding the perfect solutions.


Office Desks

Your desk is your own personal workspace and choosing the perfect one can be transformative. There’s a lot of options and things to consider:

How do you work at your desk? Large amounts of clear space is critical for those who work with a lot of paperwork. Nearby shelving or storage can save miles of walking for those essential files.

If your work is more screen-based, you need to consider things like desk height, how you will manage cables and wiring and where to store your PC tower or printer.

Many people use a large number of tools and supplies throughout the day – printer paper, staplers, sellotape dispensers and other stationary items can clutter up your space and provide annoying distractions throughout the day. A desk that comes complete with just the right built in storage will clear the clutter but leave everything close at hand.

Host a lot of meetings at your desk with colleagues or clients? Organising a workspace which allows for your computer and other display equipment and supplies whilst providing an inviting welcome for visitors can be challenging….but not impossible. Let us show you how!


Office Chairs


The humble office chair is one of the most important pieces of office furniture. Globally, 15% of sick leave is caused by back pain – the second most frequent cause of absenteeism in workplaces worldwide. Comfort and the correct level of support for each individual can see productivity and morale rise.

And these are not the only considerations!

Good back support is key but many other areas of your body need support or to work at the correct angle in relation to your screen, desk or other equipment. Adjustability is a critical component in being able to achieve exactly the right posture, supports and angles to reduce fatigue, diminish pain and eliminate stresses and strains that build up throughout the day.

Some days, achieving absolute focus on the tasks at hand cane be hard enough without additional annoying distractions – like plastic wheels scraping repeatedly across a hard floor or a swivel seat that squeaks incessantly. Small though these choices are, they impact the quality of life for everyone in the office and form a key part of our ‘attention to detail’ ethos.


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Thinking that it might be time to update your office furniture? Dreaming about a chair that supports your back in just the right spot? Considering new storage solutions that make everything supremely easy to find?  Our goal is to create the office of your dreams and we’re always ready to chat about how we can make those dreams a reality.

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